Polo ralph lauren hot sale-Perfect Products in Your Life

Polo ralph lauren hot sale-Perfect Products in Your Life

         Ralph Lauren Corporation this summer in Prince's Building, Central, Hong Kong opened its first men's flagship store in Asia. This spacious shop area of ??nearly 11,00 square meters, specializing in men's boutique, Gather the most superior brands of men's series and accessories,Including exclusive accessories and leather goods, footwear and Ralph Lauren watches.

         Wall street new stores across five floors, designed exquisite detail, with backlit glass spell known French painter Octave Denis Victor Guillonnet masterpiece Bridle Path at Hyde Park. The painting is Mr. Ralph Lauren's private collection of art, one theme is brand advocates noble equestrian tradition. Interior Design British men filled the atmosphere of the club and the London New Bond Street shop of decorative arts (Art-Deco) style, wood products dyed black and French polished limestone inlaid leather and glossy and bright nickel slide , to create a masculine atmosphere. Shop stairs through three, this spindle to Purple Label and Black Label area connected.

          Purple Label superior quality and good taste will be elevated to the highest level, so stylish men revealed luxurious extravagance. Brand delicate hand-tailored suit, the choice of the world's most superior fabrics; tailored suit by exceptional artisans craft fine fine seam made; elegant sportswear and Raofu Gong sub-taste costume boutique, each decorative details also filling the mind, determined to perfect success.

          Polo ralph lauren Black Label design eye-catching, innovative, tough, is the noble men clothing model. Classic suit tailoring quite stickers flawless, slender lines tall; hearty elegant luxury sportswear material selection, design elegant and refined, yet functional sportswear into high-tech features. Black Label timeless fashion style, portrayal of today's men, grace, charm heroic courage of self-expression.

           The new ralph lauren polo flagship store adhering to the tradition of service-oriented, men's tailored suits zone provides services to provide customers with handmade impeccable suits, formal shirts, trousers, coats, sports jackets and formal clothing, all upon the size of the sewing , and another special custom accessories and leather goods. The Watch Gallery quiet with three classic Ralph Lauren Watch Series: Stirrup, Slim Classique and Sporting. Each projection Ralph Lauren watches are unique aesthetic fashion, combines expansive, gorgeous and timeless charm, finishing techniques and decorative details flawless, using Swiss-made precision movement, with precious materials, including glossy pure platinum and 18K gold case, enamel surface, the traditional chi Lou Microhyla wave and full-cut diamonds.

          Ralph Lauren is committed to expand its global retail network in recent years, the Hong Kong men's flagship store grand opening of the brand to strengthen links among development in Asia.